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What's In The Name?

Coming up with a brand name wasn't easy. We were focused on coming up with a name that is catchy, fun and would stick to the public. Nothing seems to pop. 

...until, my partner in crime highlighted a similarity he saw in both me and our new born son. 

You've guessed right. 


Since birth, one of the distinct feature of my son is his double chin. It definitely looks super cute on him but on me, not so. What's more important is it defines us. And the fact that 2 out of 3 of us have this cute feature (our four-legged furkid is not part of this equation, he's far too good-looking for any double chin to happen to him   ), we thought - why not. 

And with that, DoubleChin is born, all set to create wacky kids (and adults) clothing with much swag.   

Until next time, have a great week ahead!

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